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Monday، 25 October 2021
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Zhila Norouzi to loose without fighting

Mojtaba MohammadZaheriJila Norouzi graduated in master degree in architecture at Fine Art Tehran University in 1987, she demonstrated her professional works within last twenty years in a seminar, she introduced some of her projects selected from her professional career years. The introduced projects in this meeting divided in two parts: renovated buildings, remodeling and new construction buildings; within this session the architect pointed out to the specifications and limitations forced by contractors and presented the main concepts.

In the restoration projects section, the most important one was the previous building of municipality, buildings such as residential building and administration one were other projects of Zhila Norouzi.In other sections, the architect presented one administration and one commercial building in one of the Australia’s cities and once more discussed about the limitations of work and complicated legislations of the project!
At the end, Zhila Norouzi, demonstrated her dominated work in the competition for the design of garden museum of the war and described the lost concept demonstrated in seven last sections and like previous sections explained the physical schedules and other limitations!
Listeners confused among expectations and disappointed of the useless search, not found in the creative design ,go out for break, perhaps in the next section find exiting events...!The problem in Zhaleh Norouzi's works in the first glance, was the limitations that teased the architect in the case of creativity...
It is not deserve for an architect in the professional level be disable to deal with limitations on behalf contractors, and mentions them continues in the seminar. she was the one who disregarding to her professional responsibilities did not have any wills to challenge and submitted her concepts as well as creativity to the events!
The creative character of an architect had been lost in the Zila Norouzi's works! If one day the works of Ms..Norouzi find contractors with no limitations then who will be responsible for the misery of the architecture? The worst parts of the architecture of Ms.Zhila Norouzi would show up when the architect designed a garden museum; and the disappointed part of the design was when the professional architect forgot the human scale and designed from the bird view! Disregard to the human scale!
Therefore, when the architect for describing an architecture attempts to present some samples of Jewish museums or war museum of Daniel Libeskin this question comes up to the mind that what is the real connection between these works and the museums designed by Zhila Norouzi? It is disappointing that Mrs.Nourozi brought examples that dose not have enough informations about them and it is better for her to check up the Libeskin's web site at first and then challenge the professional architecture.
Attendees in this meeting like me expected to encounter by a creative architect with these large numbers of works that can challenge by limitations and present professional architecture works. I hope all the best....

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