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Monday، 25 October 2021
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P Critiques
Architecture, Teaching and Digital Era

Farzaneh HadafiTill now, educational systems of architecture have seen a lot of revolution. Maybe the main revolution in architectural education system would be the impacts of expansion of digital and cyber in architecture.

Nowadays, through digital space you can represent ambiguity of your mind with its whole details; process like this was impossible in decades before.
Form is being drawn; creation is being generated in computer surface. A quick draws of mind interchanges to a magnificent building. This is what digital age has brought in to architectural design environment.
The most challenges of both educational and architectural field are based upon creating and generating new concept of space. But there are some hesitation factors: "Does architecture, during transformation process of subject to object, depends on just architectural thoughts or it may need some other tools? Does amorous looking towards computer would effect on educating, limits insight and power of inception and imagine? What is education's aim in this era? How digitalization influences identity of space? How this new identity must be considered? Should it be come in to atelier talking matters? And if this comes to forehead, how it could think in education centers? Does it make sense if the T ruler and triangle have to change laptops in order to represent new ideas with new tools? ..." Meanwhile some atliers are occupied with laptops.
These are fundamental doubts against new media and educational centers have main challenge to find a proper answer.

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