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Monday، 25 October 2021
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P Critiques
A need of critique in today architecture of Iran

Bahram Hooshyar YousefiThe problem of not existing an Architecture critique or Architecture design critique, has been restate many times. In addition, the standard in this case has been propounded too.
In this issue, between professionals in architecture argument, there isn’t any proceed going on whish is regretting. In fact, what is important is that professional critique in architecture is pretty tender and significant even though many trading exchanging, job rivalry, being known for entering to the field, close relationship of employees in field, having relate creating job system, carelessness of instructors, grouping management of jobs, specific or unspecific relationships, closing some professional channels and others problem, all make a question of exciting or right of criticize.
Of course, the point is not putting a label or condemns others since the truth is obvious. Now, our production in architecture is not significant, in some cases is in average and some others is noticeable. Thus, maybe silent in this case is better.
Perhaps, animate kiss of sleepy beauty in our old architecture and firmness, which even if it effected, never could be useful. Thus, we need a new way of criticize which call “Radical Independent Critique” and of course needs a special language and capacity of everyone. Even though the way of conservation in this case, as we see in architecture magazines, is completely remarkable, yet is not doing any good.

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